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16. Corrosion 18. Knowledge banks and sharing

17. Economics

When compared with other design solutions, aluminium profiles are almost always competitive. Its price per kg might be higher than that of
steel, but aluminium can offset the difference by offering value-adding advantages such as:

  • Great freedom to create exactly the shape that solves your problem and contributes to high quality of the end product
  • Low tooling costs
  • Low machining costs
  • Low weight combined with high strength
  • An aesthetically pleasing finish
  • A long lifetime with minimal maintenance
  • High recycling value

The balance sheet favors products that are based on aluminium profiles – and collaboration with Hydro can swing the balance even more.

Our strength lies in coordination of the entire project and the fine detail, big or small, in whatever the application, strategically and tactically. It involves business development, R&D, quality assurance, logistics, market analysis, material science, machining, assembly, production planning, product development, profile optimization, project management, technical development, engineering calculations, monitoring and inspection, training, surface treatment and much more.

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16. Corrosion 18. Knowledge banks and sharing