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18. Knowledge banks and sharing

19. Structural calculations

The purpose of structural calculations is to determine, for example, what dimensions a beam needs to have to avoid failure and discomfort to people standing or walking on it.

Calculation of the strength of aluminium structures is becoming more common, partly for the following reasons:

  • Aluminium is more widely used in load-bearing structures
  • Customers are better educated
  • Powerful FEA software is now available for more customers

However, it is worth remembering the words of an experienced aluminium designer: “Everything better than good enough is wasting someone’s money.”

This section was compiled by Torsten Höglund, Dr. Tech. and Professor Emeritus at the Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm. The symbols that are used are listed in the table on page 198.

Additional symbols will be defined when they are first used.

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18. Knowledge banks and sharing